Over the years, there has been a gap in terms of finding jobs in the Design, Creative, Marketing and IT industries in New Zealand.

At Any Jobs, we aim to bridge the gap between organisations and job seekers by creating a platform where they could connect. Job postings can reach a wider number of potential candidates whose skills and job experience fit the requirements of the organisation. In the same way, we want to help job seekers find the most suitable job for them by making sure that they can apply to all prospective jobs that match their level of skill and expertise.

Moreover, we firmly believe that the price point for job listings should be affordable, especially in these challenging times where businesses are struggling to cope with their losses and many digital professionals lost their means of livelihood.

Currently, Any Jobs targets the following categories

Design and Creative jobs
IT jobs
Marketing jobs

It is a basic job listing website that gets the job done. For further questions, please visit the FAQ page

If you would like to connect, partner with us or enquiries, you can reach us at team@anyjobs.co.nz